Trade & Marketing (Dagal)

Dagal is Galam's dedicated trade and marketing entity in Israel, representing some of the world’s leading multinational manufacturers. Dagal imports and distributes carefully selected quality ingredients to Israel’s food and beverage industry.

Through Dagal, Galam offers customers the most cost-effective, swift and reliable single source solution. Our suppliers can rely on Galam’s complete local customer coverage, enabling them to focus their energies and resources on delivering best-of-class ingredients.

Dagal customers and suppliers enjoy the following key benefits:

End-to-end technological support services: Every one of our solutions is the result of close cooperation between our application experts and our customers. As a result, our customers enjoy a complete support package: Analyzing and identifying their specific application needs, product development consulting and full lab services with close technological support.

Established local logistics network: Our strong local logistics presence as well as our established supply chain guarantee secure and efficient delivery to all of Galam’s Israeli customers.

Extensive knowledge base: All supplier products are fully supported by Galam’s deep knowledge of the food and beverage industry, with particular emphasis on the Israeli ingredients market.

Proven product quality: Our quality assurance procedures have been implemented to provide optimal product care, ensuring quality standards are retained throughout the distribution supply chain. Dagal is ISO 9001-2000 certified and operates a warehouse which is GMP certified by the Israeli Health Authorities.

We are continuously expanding and seeking new opportunities to further enrich our product portfolio and provide our customers with complete solutions. 


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