With a wide variety of flavors and textures, yogurt is considered an ideal choice for consumers looking for a healthy, yet tasty snack.

Today’s yogurt manufacturers are keen to respond to the growing demand for healthier food choices. This means reducing fat and sugar, as well as incorporating nutritious ingredients into yogurt products – all without sacrificing on product quality. Manufacturer choices regarding the right fibers, sugars and sugar substitutes are essential to achieving highly nutritional products that still deliver optimal taste, texture and shelf life.

Here’s where Galam’s decades of ingredient expertise come in. We offer high quality sweetening ingredients such as non-GMO crystalline fructose, glucose syrup and stevia-based sweeteners, as well as tailored sugar blends. Galam application labs are ideally positioned to offer expert and customized sweetening solutions. Our sweetening specialists analyze every customer’s product on its own merits to determine the optimal sweetening formulae. What’s more, Galam’s line of instant cereals enhances the taste, viscosity and consistency of yogurt products, in addition to contributing their high nutritional value.