Stevia-extract, a versatile high-intensive sweetener, is revolutionizing the food and beverage market. Manufacturers are increasingly discovering that the secret to naturally-based, low calorie and reduced sugar products lies in knowing how to correctly work with stevia.

At Galam we’ve applied decades of expertise to boost our sweetening portfolio with the unique benefits of stevia. Galam scientists have explored specific steviol glycosides interactions - alone and in combination with other accompanying sugars, acids, fats and salts. The results are clear. Stevia’s delayed sweetness onset and lingering effect can be minimized by selecting specific steviol glycoside ratios together with sugars such as fructose and sucrose.

We’ve truly mastered the science of stevia. Partner with us to develop exceptional stevia-sweetened products that simply taste great.



High-intensive sweetener (RSV 250-300)

Reduces energy and sugars

Natural source

Meeting market demand for cleaner labeling with a viable alternative to artificial high intensive sweeteners


Reduces energy and sugars, suiting diabetic dietary restrictions

Heat stable 

Sustains sweet taste even after heat treatments (pasteurization, UHT, baking, etc.)

Stable in acidic pH

Suitable for acidic applications, maintaining its sweetness throughout the product’s shelf life


Maintains sweetness throughout the product’s shelf life in a variety of storage conditions

Non-cariogenic (tooth friendly)

Suitable for confectionary products such as chewing gum, as well as oral hygiene products

Low glycemic index

Suitable for diabetics and health-conscious consumers


Ensures product stability and extended shelf life