Sweet and savory snacks can be found in a never ending array of shapes, tastes and ingredient combinations. 

Whatever the type, all snacks serve the same tasty and convenient purpose, often being purchased on impulse to satisfy an immediate craving. However, today’s consumer expects to find more than just a wide selection of flavor and taste options. Trends towards healthier snacking are causing consumers to more closely examine the labeling of the snacks they choose to indulge in.

The snacks market is responding with increased fiber and protein content, vitamin and mineral fortification, incorporation of whole-grain and natural ingredients and even providing gluten-free alternatives. In addition to this, manufacturers are expected to find innovative ways to balance their product’s fat, sugar and salt levels, while still maintaining a great taste.

Galam’s in-depth knowledge of sweetening solutions and starches allows you to reach your market with tasty snacking treats. In addition, our fibers, reduced sugar solutions and instant cereals open the door to healthier alternatives for the health-conscious consumer.