Powdered Foods

The powdered foods industry has emerged in response to consumers’ desire for convenience products. 

Convenience is defined in terms of storage, transport and ease of use, attached to an attractive price-point. Powdered foods range from beverage and soup powders to cake mixes and custard powders to name just a few.

Manufacturers face the complex challenge of choosing ingredients that are specifically suitable for the powdered foods category. This requires ingredient features to include high solubility in cold or warm water, stabilization and texturizing capabilities as well as low moisture level and caking prevention.

Added to this, manufacturers today are expected to provide healthier powdered foods that still taste and look great. These include beverage powders with reduced sugar and rich in protein and fiber, savory powders low in salt and fat, gluten-free powders and powders made from natural ingredients.

Here’s where Galam’s decades of expertise come in. We offer high quality sweetening solutions, starches, instant cereals and fibers, providing ideal solutions for powdered food applications.