Liquid Sugars

The broad range of liquid sugars commonly used by the food and beverage industry extends from pure and inverted sugar to a variety of different sugar mixtures. Liquid sugars facilitate the production process, offering manufacturers some key advantages starting from raw material handling and continuing throughout the production process.

Considered a one-stop-shop solution, liquid sugars combine a product’s complete sugary raw material requirements in a single and convenient solution. Remarkably easy to handle, liquid sugars streamline the production process, eliminating the need for dissolving, filtering or pasteurization stages. Not only reducing sugar losses during processing and storage, liquid sugars also ensure consistency in every batch thanks to constant specification and uniform quality.

Galam customers benefit from our extensive expertise in sweeteners combined with our exclusive blending know-how. Our blending facilities in Germany, Spain and Israel house teams of scientists, food technologists, technicians and application development specialists. Expanding on the company’s already impressive knowledge-base in sweetening solutions, Galam’s international experts offer tailor-made solutions to optimally meet our customer’s needs. Our liquid sugar offerings include pure sugar, invert sugars, isoglucose, sugar blends and tailor-made blends.