Instant Cereals

Instant cereals are a versatile food category that takes the form of pregelatinized dried flakes or powders. They can be produced from a number of cereals including chickpea, buckwheat, legumes, barley, semolina, rye, oats and rice amongst others.

At Galam, our instant cereals are all natural ingredients, dried physically with no chemical modifications or additions. Quickly and easily dissolving in cold liquids (such as milk, water and juices), their full viscosity develops without cooking. Galam instant cereals provide an excellent nutritious source, supplying a well-balanced mix of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Each cereal contributes a different taste and texture, enriching the complete spectrum of end product categories.  

Baby foods represent a leading instant cereal category. Galam’s range of high quality pre-gelatinized cereals carry full compliance with the strictest infant nutrition legislation.

Numerous varieties of cereals can be supplied upon request. Galam also creates various cereal mixtures, designed to meet customers’ unique application needs.

Properties Benefits
Retains moisture • Increases baked goods’ shelf life, while ensuring a fresh
  taste and enhanced texture
• Replaces chemical baking improvers
• Controls moisture migration
Improves taste and texture • Enhances the final product’s taste
• Improves texture and mouthfeel
• Increases viscosity of beverages and dairy products 
Adds nutritious value • Rich in dietary fiber
• Improves digestive function and feeling of satiety
Instant preparation • Dissolves instantly in cold liquids
• Thickens immediately to desired consistency
Thickener and binder • Works as a thickening agent in sauces and pastes
• Acts as a fat binder in fillings
• Stabilizes bread dough
Reduced cook time • Can be incorporated directly into the dough
Cleaner label • Can reduce E-numbers