Glucose Syrup

Glucose syrup is a popular sweetening choice among food manufacturers. Used in a wide variety of foods, this versatile sweetener is made from starch hydrolysis, and comprises varying amounts of glucose, maltose and higher glucose oligomers. Glucose syrups contribute to the texture and viscosity of foods, preventing crystallization of sugar and enhancing flavor.

There are several kinds of glucose syrups, distinguished by their grade of dextrose equivalent (DE). This determines viscosity and sweetness levels, and therefore the application for which the syrup is most suitable. Lower DE values mean lower sweetness and hygroscopicity with higher viscosity. High DE syrups are sweeter and serve as humectants. Galam has decades of experience in manufacturing and customizing numerous grades of glucose syrup to complement our customers’ needs. Glucose syrup is also available in dry form.

Properties Benefits
Clear & colorless Has no effect on product appearance
High water binding capacity

Improves moisture retention and freshness in baked goods

Lowering freezing point

Prevents the formation of ice crystals in ice creams, maintaining a smooth and creamy texture 

Prevents sugar crystallization

Essential to preventing a grainy texture in confectionary

Fermentability Provides an enegy source for yeast and bacteria
Browning reaction

Enhances golden brown crusts and glazes of baked goods, as well as enriches the browning aroma


Acts as an ideal binder, holding the product's variuos ingredients together

Low water activity Improves shelf life and increases microbial stability
Viscosity changes with temperature

More convenient processing, handling and storage of syrups

Glucose syrup sheen Provides a glaze to jams, fillings and fruit tarts
Contains short carbohydrates

Easily digestible, making them suitable for infant and elderly diets