Functional Drinks

Whether juice, water or dairy-based, functional beverages serve as a thirst-quencher and wellness drink combined. They can be fortified with a wide array of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutraceuticals, targeting numerous health conditions.

Inevitably, expanding possibilities also increases production complexities, such as incorporating nutritious ingredients without sacrificing on taste. In addition, today’s consumers are not only aware of what is added to a product, but also what is reduced - particularly sugar and calories. Expertly selecting and matching nutritional ingredients, as well as sugars and sugar substitutes, is essential to achieving health-promoting products that still deliver optimal taste, texture and shelf life.

Galam presents customers with a wide range of solutions for functional drinks. Our variety of sweetening solutions, starches, fibers and instant cereals allow you to achieve your product’s desired taste, optimal texture and enhanced nutritional value. With Galam you not only gain access to our rich ingredients’ portfolio, but also the specialist knowledge necessary to assure optimal solutions for your functional drink applications.