Fructose is widely used as a nutritive sweetener in food and beverages. Its benefits include low glycemic index, high natural sweetness potency and flavor enhancement, just to name a few.

For more than three decades, Galam has been a leading and trusted global supplier of Fruitose® non-GMO crystalline fructose. We’ve achieved purity levels of over 99.5%, thanks to our own unique scientific process for purifying fructose into crystals. Fruitose® is produced from pure beet or cane sugar and is available in powder, crystalline and liquid forms.

More about the virtues of Fructose

Galam participates in the FTF working group providing research reports, articles and fact sheets on fructose:
Fructose health related research




Clean, non-lingering taste with rapid onset

A good sugar substitute

Sweetness potency of 1.2 to 1.7 times that of sucrose

Requiring less to achieve the same sweetness as table sugar, thus supporting sugar reduction and ensuring significant calorie-savings

Glycemic index (GI) = 20, the lowest GI among natural sweeteners

An effective weight management alternative for manufacturers of healthy food and beverages

Slow energy release (slow conversion to glucose)

Sweetener of choice for diabetics, athletes and health-conscious consumers

Enhancing flavor and taste perception

Improves taste and flavor profile

Masking bitterness of high intensity sweeteners

Allows greater sugar reduction in food products

High water binding capacity

Improves moisture retention and freshness in baked goods

Lowering freezing point

Prevents the formation of ice crystals and maintains a smooth and creamy texture

High solubility

Ideal for high concentration sweetening without the risk of crystallization

Low water activity

Improves shelf life and increases microbial stability

Browning reaction

Enhances golden brown crusts and glazes of baked goods and enriches the browning aroma

Faster starch set time

Reduces gelatinization temperature and cooking time