FOS Oligo-syrups

Healthy living is a long-term commitment but it is well within reach. At Galam, we aim to inspire our customers, supplying ingredients that can make today’s foods healthier and taste better.

Galam specialists have developed a range of custom-made fructooligosaccharide (FOS)-based syrups, offering up to 60% FOS content. This prebiotic fiber, made from short chain fructose molecules, stimulates the growth and maintenance of beneficial gut bacteria, promoting healthy digestive and immune functions.

A versatile ingredient, FOS not only contributes to the fiber fraction of your product, but also works well in combination with other sweeteners. With the right sweetening know-how, FOS can be combined with natural sweeteners such as stevia, as well as high-intensity artificial sweeteners to improve sweetness profiles and mask aftertastes.

Worldwide health trends continue to drive the demand for tasty foods with added nutritional value. Galam’s FOS-based oligo-syrups offer complete tailor-made prebiotic fiber and sweetening solutions - the perfect nutritional choice for dairy, cereals and bakery applications.