Dairy Drinks

Increasingly popular, flavored dairy drinks offer consumers a wide variety of choices from the classic favorite – chocolate, to strawberry, vanilla and many more. Largely consumed by children, dairy drinks offer a tasty treat that is also nutritious and healthy.

In addition to assuring a homogenous and stable product, today’s dairy drinks manufacturers face a host of new demands. Dairy beverages provide an ideal delivery system for vitamins, protein and other beneficial nutrients. However, creating nutritionally enhanced dairy drinks with taste and textures that don’t fall short of their traditional counterparts can prove challenging. This requires careful formulation of the right nutritional ingredients, sweeteners and stabilizers. Added to this, growing demand for sugar reduced alternatives involves finding optimal sweetening solutions without compromising on taste, mouthfeel and shelf-life. 

Here’s where Galam’s decades of expertise come in. We offer high quality sweetening ingredients, starches and fibers that help you reach your product’s optimal taste, texture and nutritional value. In addition, Galam application labs and specialists are ideally positioned to offer expert and customized solutions to meet your specific needs.