Dairy Desserts

Flavor and texture, two key attributes across all food categories, are particularly important in the case of dairy desserts, which span puddings, mousses, custards and more. Added to that, growing consumer preferences for healthier foods are driving manufacturers to find the elusive and delicate balance between healthy, yet tasty desserts.

Achieving fat and sugar reduction in dairy desserts without compromising on taste, texture, body and shelf-life can prove challenging. The secret to a successful product lies in choosing the right combination of sweeteners and starches.

Here’s where Galam’s decades of ingredient expertise come in. We offer high quality sweetening ingredients such as non-GMO crystalline fructose, glucose syrup and stevia-based sweeteners. Galam application labs are ideally positioned to offer expert and customized sweetening solutions. Our sweetening specialists analyze every product on its own merits to determine the optimal sweetening formulae.

In addition, Galam’s line of native, modified and specialty starches also play a key role in achieving the desired texture and mouth-feel of dairy desserts.