Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast provides the energy and nutrients needed to jumpstart the day. As such, breakfast cereals have developed to include a number of nutritional enhancements. These range from added dietary fiber, vitamins or protein, to including available sugars and energy sources. Texture also presents an important feature, with the search for crispiness a principle goal.

Today, this expanding category has evolved from solely being associated with breakfast into a convenient snacking alternative that’s suitable at any time of the day.

Always attentive to shifting consumer behaviors and preferences, Galam presents customers with a wide range of solutions for healthier and nutritionally-improved cereal products. Our variety of sweetening solutions, starches, fibers and instant cereals allow you to achieve your product’s desired taste, optimal texture and enhanced nutritional value. With Galam you not only gain access to our rich ingredients’ portfolio, but also the specialist knowledge necessary to assure optimal solutions for your cereal applications.