NutriFree is a natural, multi-attribute dried soy extract. Derived from non-GMO soy beans of European origin, NutriFree is produced using a purely physical processing technology. It is rich in protein and fibers, low in sugar and free from a typical soy off-taste, making it the ideal solution for gluten-free products.

As awareness of celiac disease and gluten intolerance grows, so the demand for gluten-free food products gains ground. However, manufacturers face a number of difficulties associated with gluten-free products: low nutritional values, crumbly texture, grittiness, as well as unappealing appearance and color.

This is where NutriFree comes in. It overcomes these hurdles with ease, delivering innovative gluten-free offerings that not only taste, but look just like the gluten-based originals.

Properties Benefits
Gluten-free Improving gluten-free products’ texture and appearance
Rich source of protein and fiber Enriching the product’s nutritional value, supported by protein and fiber claims
Neutral taste Causing no damage or change in product taste, removing the need for masking agents
Low in sugars Suitable for low/no sugar products
High capacity for water and oil retention Suitable for moist products such as cakes
Provides crispiness Suitable for dry baked goods that require crispiness while avoiding a crumbly texture and bite
Low glycemic index  Suitable for diabetics and health-conscious consumers